LSH offers hundreds of features
Here are some highlights

Online Demo

If screen shots are worth a thousand words, demos are worth a thousand screen shots. Our free, no commitment demo is a mirror of the production system and allows you to freely and fully explore the power and utility of LSH.



After significant time in private beta, LSH is now available to all agencies and food banks. Learn about us, check out the frequently asked questions (FAQ), try the demo, request more information, or submit your request to subscribe.


Distribution Statistic Nirvana

Capturing, managing, and reporting upon distribution statistics are essential parts of solving hunger and are industry mandated processes. Eliminating paperwork as well as manual and duplicate entry, we simplify and streamline these processes for both agencies and food banks alike. Supporting numerous statistic formats, each capable of being tailored to your exact needs, our system will boost your statistic participation from zero to hero.

Beautiful, Insightful Reports

Reported distribution statistics are immediately available in our plush reporting area. Simply select the desired agency, program, and reporting period to instantly see the agency's full statistic history, in real-time. Page through all available data, sort by any available column, and analyze to your heart's content. Each report can be conveniently printed in an easy to read format as well as exported to comma or pipe separated values.

Eliminate Duplicate Entry

While it's not uncommon for an agency to work with multiple food banks, the limited abilities and single food bank focus of traditional agency zones typically require duplicate data entry. With LSH an agency's data is entered a single time and is then instantly available to all associated food banks, avoiding the disadvantages of duplicate entry for all involved.

Agency & Food Bank Management

Beyond distribution statistic management and reporting, LSH offerings tools to administrate your food bank or agency: create and update programs and agencies, register and manage users, manage user roles to ensure those that need to can perform desired actions, etc. LSH's goal is to be a super charged agency zone that exceeds home grown agency zones by orders of magnitude.

Effortless Data Export

Our online reports are nice, yes. But you may wish to crunch the numbers using your organization's existing process. Believing in the philosophy that your data is your data, all data is available for export and download at the program, agency, or food bank levels as raw comma or pipe separated values. With a single click your data is in your hands and you are off to the races to slice and dice the numbers any way that best suits your needs. Automated export capabilities are also available as a standard feature.

Effortless Data Import

Moving to LSH doesn't mean you have to start with a clean slate. We offer self-service tools to conveniently import your existing agency, program, user, and statistical data, allowing your transition to LSH to be easy and smooth. Your entire agency zone can be populated within LSH within minutes.

Reliable, Safe, Secure

Not all agency zones are created equal: LSH is reliably built by professional software engineers using the same technologies as as high-end private and government organizations, data is backed up to multiple geographic regions, and all communication is securely encrypted via industry standard HTTPS/SSL.


Have a feature you'd love to have added? LSH is custom developed and supported by professional software engineers and can be enhanced to fit your specific needs and requirements. If you can dream it, we can build it.

Community Focused

Unlike typical home grown agency zones, LSH is not built for just one food bank or a specific set of agencies, instead offering an easy to use, reliable system providing high-end features that are available to the entire food insecurity industry. Check out our agency and food bank directories to see those already participating.

Confirmation Notifications

Never wonder if your data was properly captured and recorded. LSH sends confirmation emails, containing transactional details, for all submitted information. Distribution statistic submission or update confirmations can be sent to the submitter as well as optionally to any combination of the agency and/or food bank members. Confirmation aside, these emails help facilitate awareness and communication because everyone involved knows who, what, when, and why something changed.